Feldman and O’Hara’s “Three Voices”

Kayleigh Butcher’s excellent post about Feldman’s Three Voices, being performed this Thursday at High Concept Laboratories by Quince.


Kayleigh Butcher is a founding member of former High Concept Labs Sponsored Artists Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble. They perform Morton Feldman’s Three Voices on Thursday, August 6 at HCL

Morton Feldman Morton Feldman

Three Voices is a sublime piece that both mesmerizes and stupefies. 

The length, the tunings, the melismas, textures, the range, the relentlessness—it’s challenging in a way that is unlike any other piece in the unaccompanied solo voice repertoire, and certainly in ways that Quince could not have foreseen.

This piece was written initially for one singer to perform with two looming, black loudspeakers performing the other vocal lines rather than three live singers.

Frank O'Hara Frank O’Hara

Feldman wrote the piece in memoriam to Frank O’Hara, a NYC poet who was very good friends with Feldman. O’Hara was a prominent figure in “The New York School” of poets and was very inspired by music, dance, and painting (specifically…

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