Brian Penkrot

Jason Eckhardt

Clint Needham

Stephanie Pieczynski

Carolyn O’Brien

Adam Scott Neal

Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer

Eric Guinivan

Jeffrey Mumford

Marc Yeats

Matthew Saunders

Mike Boyd

Stephen Lilly

Nicholas Ommiciolli

Performers and Ensembles:

Chamber Cartel

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Aleksandr Karjaka – Clarinet and Photography

S.E.M. Ensemble

Joseph Kubera – Piano

Mariel Roberts – Cello

Conrad Harris – Violin

Holly Roadfeldt – Piano

I the Siren Soprano/Oboe/Piano

A/B Duo – Flute/Percussion

Nora Epping – Flute

Karl Larson – Piano

Megan Ihnen – Mezzo Soprano

Clara Osowski – Mezzo Soprano

Jeff Heisler – Saxophone

Akros Percussion Collective

Clocks In Motion Percussion

Duo Rodina – Clarinet/Percussion

Catherine Rinderknecht – Violin

Ted Rounds – Percussion

Seth Fletcher – Euphonium

Random and Fun Things:

Kent Free Library

Melt Bar and Grilled

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