Solo Instrument or Voice:

Mind for solo double bass. Performed by James Ilgenfritz

Meditation on Paraphrase as an Antonym of Quotation for solo percussionist/piano. Performed by Anthony Donofrio.

Canto III for self-accompanied Soprano. Performed by Liz Pearse.

To Lucy for Toy Piano. Performed by Stacey Barelos.

I for Solo Piano. Performed by Amy O’Dell

Broken for Solo Alto Saxophone. Performed by Alex Sellers.

Focus/Unfocus for Solo Cello. Performed by Yoo-Jung Chang.

Preludes, Book 1 for Solo Piano. Performed by Holly Roadfeldt.

Meditation on the Eve of John Cage’s 100th Birthday for Solo Gongs. Performed by Bill Sallak.

Between Event and Crisis for Solo Percussion. Performed by Alec Schumann

Piano Sonata. Performed by Holly Roadfeldt.

Chamber Works:

The ________ of __________ for Vibraphone and Piano. Performed by Bill Sallak and Michael Rector.

Mortuus est puer, mater in luctum for Mezzo-Soprano, Piano, and Percussion. Performed by Sharon O’Connell-Campbell, Jayong Hong, and Duane Bierman.

After All, You Might Forget for Two Alto Saxophones and Piano. Performed by Noa Even, Connie Frigo, and Casey Gene Dierlam.

Exist/Intention for Soprano and Electric Guitar. Performed by Hasco Duo: Amanda DeBoer Bartlett and Jesse Langen.

Piano Trio. Performed by the Longleash Piano Trio.

V: oratio secreta for Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Piano, Percussion. Performed by Chamber Cartel

Essay for Voices for 2 or more female voices. Performed by Quince Ensemble

Essay for Low Brass for 3 trombones, 3 euphoniums, and 2 tubas. Performed by the University of Akron Low Brass Ensemble, Chris Blaha – Director.

Mechanical Ghosts for Percussion Quintet and Piano. Performed by: Dave Alcorn, DeLane Doyle, Sean Kleve, Michael Koszewski, James McKenzie – Percussion. Alberto Peña – Piano

That Does Show Design for 3 Percussionists. Performed by Amanda Sealock, Emilie Rackley, and Philip Kolbo.

Voice, Cello, Piano. Performed by Kayleigh Butcher, Mira Luxion, and Andy Costello

III for Saxophone, Piano, and Percussion. Performed by Jeff Heisler, I-Chen Yeh, and Bill Sallak.

Sunshine for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano. Performed by Alyssa Wetovick and Jayoung Hong.

Piano Quartet. Performed by the Kent State University New Music Ensemble

Music for Cymbal and Piano. Performed by Anthony Donofrio and Bill Sallak.

IV for Flute, Violin, Cello, and Piano. Performed by Nora Epping, Emily Rolka, Yoo-Jung Chang, and Casey Rafn

Twitch for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Cello, and Marimba. Performed by the University of Iowa Center for New Music, conducted by David Gompper.


Orange Continuum. Performed by the Kent State University Orchestra, conducted by Charles Latshaw.

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